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Cornwall  Bat Group is one of  many local bat groups in Britain and is affiliated to:

The Bat Conservation Trust  and Cornwall Wildlife Trust

Cornwall Bat Group is a group of:  volunteers, professionals and Natural England licensed voluntary roost visitors but always welcome new members with any level of knowledge.

Primarily, we  are concerned with the conservation and welfare of bats.  Many of our of bat species are declining ,one is even thought to be close to extinction! 

Cornwall Bat Group is positively helping to stop the decline of these fascinating and little understood are very welcome to come and join us in our efforts

It is particularly important that people involved in building work, especially those converting barns or building  houses,  understand all about these animals and are encouraged to be sympathetic to their needs.

Bats have been misunderstood, and even feared, for centuries, but there must be few people who do not delight in the sight of these harmless little creatures flitting round our hedgerows and our woodlands in the twilight. Bats have been on this planet for more than 50 million years is ours to be the generation that, through sheer indifference, ignorance, and even hostility, finally pushes them into oblivion?


We often hear people say, “There used to be hundreds round here, but now I never see them!”


  • Their droppings, which dry to a fine powder, do not smell.


  • Bats do not damage electric wiring, loft insulation or paintwork, and do not build nests.


  • Nor do they become entangled in your hair! This is an old wives’ tale.


Many of the calls for help received by members of the Cornwall Bat Group are about bats entering rooms after dark. These are usually babies who have lost their way. If one comes into the house, simply open the outside doors and windows and allow it to escape. Its mother should then collect it. If it has not gone by the next morning, phone a member of the Bat Group.

 We are only starting to understand how these fascinating creatures are very welcome to help us learn more


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